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Our very popular Oak Park School of Rock Summer Music Camps will get your child rocking this summer! We have camps for absolute beginners thru advanced players and cover a wide range of musical tastes. Our Performance camps are designed to teach music, build confidence and create memories that will last a lifetime. Kids of all ages and abilities work together to create a real rock experience complete with a show unlike any other. Our camps for younger kids will spark a passion for music that will get them on their musical journey. Let's Rock!

Click the RED Camp Title for Session Dates, More Details on Each Camp & To Enroll!

Rock ‘N’ Roll Boot Camp (6/12-6/16 & 8/14-8/18) $400Purchase required to enroll

Your journey to great musicianship begins HERE! At School of Rock, we have the experience and the enthusiasm to get you playing the music you love...FAST! Come in with a choice of instrument and we will get you started learning the basics and actually playing songs with others right away! No experience necessary - all it takes is the desire to ROCK! Rock n Roll make-overs and a photo shoot included! Open to Voice, Keys, Guitar, Bass and Drums. This session culminates in a performance in our house venue!

All Instruments. Beginner. Ages 8-13

Rock Rookies Boot Camp (6/19-6/23 & 7/24-7/28) $250Purchase required to enroll


Calling all 6 and 7 year old aspiring rock musicians!!! Want to learn how to play rock and roll music in a totally cool setting? Join us for a week of learning and fun School Of Rock Style. Play and sing classic rock songs on real guitars, drums, keyboards, quality percussion and rhythm instruments in a genuine band context and - PLUGGED IN! Working with REAL professional musicians, we will explore all of the rock instruments, learn ear training, rhythm, pitch, song structure, teamwork and rock history through games, videos, class discussions and Band Practice!

All Instruments. Beginner. Ages: 6-7


With the Beatles! (6/19-6/23) $400Purchase required to enroll

Do you love everything about John, Paul, George and Ringo? So do we! Spend five whole days immersed in Beatles’ music, Beatles’ history, Beatles’ harmonies… Beatles everything! Our song selection will be customized to the playing level of the students and will be drawn from all of the Beatles’ eras - from “ I Want to Hold Your Hand” to “Let It Be”. Ear Training will be covered and learning how to build a chord with voices. The Beatles influenced so much of contemporary music - it is hard to even measure their reach but we will provide a great introduction to the melodies, structure and musicianship that made up this very special band.

All Instruments. Advanced Beginner and Up. Ages: 10 and Up

Essential Classic Rock (7/10-7/14) $400Purchase required to enroll

Fists in the air! It’s the foundation of all that we do at School of Rock! Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Queen and more! This camp will serve as a primer for the music that inspires us to keep making new music! Learn musical concepts, skills and the rules of great songwriting by PLAYING the masters! How to manage your gear, work with other players and understand classic song structure are a big part of camp.

All Instruments. Advanced Beginner and Up. Ages 10 and Up

Green Day! (7/17-7/21) $400Purchase required to enroll

Green Day has been a favorite around our school for years! In honor of this long-time band that has carried the punk torch for a new generation, we have designed a camp that will not only satisfy your urge to play hard, fast, melodic pop-punk songs but also to un-pack the band’s approach to songwriting. Understand what inspires them, drives their music and keeps their songs fresh and relevant. This is a great camp for all levels of players who want to explore the band from the ground up.

All Instruments. Experienced Beginner and Up. Ages 8 and Up.

Millennium Rock (7/24-7/28) $400Purchase required to enroll

It's YOUR time! Since the 2000s, rock music has never had such a broad range of different musical styles, sounds, and personalities. In our Millennium Rock Camp, students will learn to perform some of the contemporary rock music heard on the airwaves, Internet and at festivals. instant classics from bands like Fall Out Boy, The Arcade Fire, 21 Pilots, Tame Impala, Muse, Paramore and Jack White may be covered. We will explore the sounds that have defined the past two decades of music and break apart their common elements and foundation. Working together, listening and responding to other musicians will be a focus. Song selection will be geared to the playing level and instruments of enrolled students.


All Instruments. Advanced Beginner and Up. Ages:10 and Up

The Sounds of New Wave (7/31-8/4) $400Purchase required to enroll

“New Wave” grew out of the early punk movement in the 80s but also refers to synth-driven pop music that also has roots in disco and mod. Bands that got their start at CBGB like Blondie and Talking Heads are great examples but the style grew to include keyboard-driven acts out of the UK like Depeche Mode and New Romantic bands like Duran Duran and The Smiths. We will also play songs by 21st century bands who were inspired by New Wave, like Interpol, Franz Ferdinand and The Killers. This is a great camp for anyone interested in expanding their musical horizons! Open to all instruments

All Instruments. Experienced Beginner and Up. Ages 10 and Up.

Metal Madness (8/7-8/11) $400Purchase required to enroll

Play hard, fast and LOUD! Heavy Metal is great fun to play! Learn about its history and genres from Black Sabbath and Judas Priest to 80s Hair Metal and Metallica, Motorhead and MORE! Hot licks, big voices, fist-pumping, stick-twirling good times to be had. Learn about using alternate tunings to get a heavier sound, playing in overdrive, utilizing gear to get tone and hitting hard. Song selection will be geared to the playing level of enrolled students.

All Instruments. Advanced Beginner and Up. Ages 10 and Up

Surf School Summer Camp (8/7-8/11) $400Purchase required to enroll

Over the course of a week, students work together to better understand the ‘Good Vibrations’ of California’s surf tone! On top of daily rehearsals, the students also participate in lessons regarding the history of the genre and how its evolution has influenced the modern movement currently taking place across the world. At the end of the week, the students perform a set of surf classics alongside their instructors.
The camp runs Monday - Friday from 9am to 3pm and features a large luau themed performance on Friday evening (flip flops recommended).
This camp will be run by former School of Rock AllStars!

All Instruments. Advanced Beginner and Up. Ages: 10 to 18